College Readiness

Self-Monitoring: the forward-thinking and long-term habit of constantly assessing our strengths and weaknesses as students and proactively taking the actions necessary to improve.

Some Qualities/Characteristics of Self-Monitoring:

  1. Striving For Accuracy

Check it again. Always do your best; set high standards; check and find ways to improve constantly. Be punctual; plan ahead in order to be on time and ready to go.

  1. Persisting

Stick to it! Persevere in a task through completion; Remain focused; Look for ways to reach your goals when stuck; Take a break, but never give up.

  1. Thinking About Your Thinking

Know your knowing! Be aware of your own thoughts, strategies, feelings, and actions and their effects on your own learning; Be aware of your own thoughts, strategies, feelings and actions and their effects on others.

Self-Control: the immediate and present habit of behaving in anappropriate way that helps to make ourselves and others successful in that particular context.

Some Qualities/Characteristics of Self-Control:

  1. Managing Impulsivity

Take your time! Think before acting; Remain calm, thoughtful, focused, and purposeful; Be constantly respectful of people and space.

  1. Thinking Interdependently

Work together! Even if you are uncomfortable, do your best in contributing to group work; Learn from your peers.

Study Skills: the practice of those habits that help us keep up with and even improve upon whatever tasks are demanded of us.

Some Qualities/Characteristics of Study Skills:

  1. Being Disciplined

Sit down and do it! Practice good study habits; Be prepared for every academic situation; Do those things you might not want to do, but need to do in order to be academically successful; Change what you need to change in order to improve.

  1. Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations

Use what you learn! Access your prior knowledge; Transfer knowledge beyond the situation in which it was learned; Think it out before your ask.

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